Spanish Furniture package FAQ's

FAQ's regarding your furniture pack in Spain

Below we have listed the most frequently asked questions when purchasing a furniture package:

Q: Why do I need a Spanish property furniture package?

A: Often, the thought of furnishing a property all in one go can be a little overwhelming. At home, we may re-furnish one room at a time, or perhaps have inherited or borrowed items of furniture to work around. How often are we faced with an empty shell on which to make our mark?

And still, the concept of furnishing a property in one package may seem strange – but it makes sense! It’s time-consuming enough dealing with a number of different suppliers and coordinating multiple deliveries when at home. Now factor in that you are dealing with unknown suppliers, in a foreign country and, perhaps in a foreign language!

We take the stress out of finding a reliable retailer who can supply the furniture that you require, all in one go, and at reasonable prices.

Q: Who uses your Spanish furniture packages service?

A: Furniture packages are so flexible that they appeal to just about anyone buying property in Spain.

Investors looking to generate a rental income from their new properties in Spain, look for someone who understands that time is of the essence in preparing their property for even the most discerning rental tenant. In a competitive rental market, each rental property needs to stand out from the rest, but budgets need to be adhered to. The furniture needs to be flexible – able to accommodate a family on holiday, a small group of golfers, or perhaps a professional couple requiring a long term let.

Second home buyers, or those considering relocation to Spain may have more fixed ideas as to how they want the property to look. Their Spanish home will be where they come to relax and so they need everything to be perfect to make sure that they can make the most of the time they spend in Spain. Yet still they look to us for assistance in where to start and who to trust.

Q: How much will a furniture pack in Spain cost me?

A: Our organisational and administrative services are free. We will facilitate the furnishing of your new property via one of the top furniture retailers on the Coast, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Some of additional services will incur a small charge but we will also let you know about this before undertaking any activities on your behalf.

Shop with Us! is also a free service offered exclusively to customers of Completely Furniture.

Q: What’s in a furniture package?

A: In a word, everything you need to get your holiday home or rental property in full working order, without any of the hassle! As an example, here are our suggested listings of what’s required for a two bedroom rental property. For ease of reference we have divided the inventories into furniture and accessories.

Q: Why do I need Spanish property management?

A: Even if you do not intend to rent out your property, it is still essential to retain the services of a company who will, at least, act as a key holder for you. They will undertake regular checks of the property, ensuring that the utility services are working, the property is secure, post is collected and so on. A good property management company will also be able to prepare your property in time for your arrival – ensuring that there is hot water in the tank, the air conditioning or heating is turned on, there is milk in the fridge – anything you need to make your trip more enjoyable.

Q: What will happen when I submit my details to this site?

A: If you fill in the form on the Contact Us page, one of our personal advisers will contact you by telephone or email to discuss your requirements. If appropriate, they will then order quotations for your furniture package from one of the recommended retailers. Your personal adviser will be with you every step of the way to ensure that everything runs smoothly and will act as liaison between you and the furniture retailer. In some instances, you may prefer to speak to the retailer or interior designer directly – we can arrange this for you but will not pass on your contact details without your express permission.

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